Nov 10, 2008

Franklin Mountains

Welcome to Fort Bliss, Texas!


Here is a church and the big US ARMY water tower:


What a beautiful view!



Lilly said...

Wow that is really quite interesting to see what it looks like. Thanks for posting that. You have your hands full with four beautiful children dont you? I love the drawing of your family.

jori-o said...

Cool views! Thanks for stopping by to say hi! =)

Anonymous said...

Hey girly! Wow so bland! But what Army post doesn't look bland! Have fun. Talk soon,

Grand Pooba said...

I LOVE the mountains! Reminds me of home :)

Anonymous said...

Honey, I just now found these pictures! Don't know how I missed them. Those mountains are so beautiful! Thank you so much for putting these up for us to see! I love you!

Rhea said...

That is a nice view!! Beautiful mountains!

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