Oct 20, 2008


Who would of thought that one of your wisdom teeth could start hurting in a matter of seconds that then caused a headache to follow. Painful. I took some medicine, hopefully it kicks in soon.120wCover_TheLuckyOne

I finished reading Nicholas Sparks new book last night. It was so good I couldn't put the dern thing down for hours at a time at night before bed time. It was about a marine who fell in love. Awww. I highly recommend the book to anyone who enjoys a good romance novel. "The Lucky One" by Nicholas Sparks. A must read! Next I want to read Richard Paul Evans new book. I believe its called "Grace".

The girls got to school on time, even though I felt like I was dragging this morning. CJ is sitting here telling me he needs a new daddy pillow and that I need to buy him one. And he claims he will not bite it and will keep it clean. Yeah right! Poor daddy pillows head is falling apart, even though we tried to sew him back.

Yesterday we were trying to organize the boxes in the garage. So with the garage door opened and a few boxes sitting in the driveway, I guess we looked to be having a garage sale even though there was not a sign in site advertising a garage sale. We had about 5 or 6 people pull up and ask if we were in fact having a yard sale. I responded to each and every one of them, "NO but come back in 2 weeks and we will!" So I got the word out without even putting an ad in the paper. lol If people will come with no signs, I'm sure tons will come when there is. We bought two brightly colored garage sale signs to put on each road near the house at the stoplights. If you sale, they will come. lol

My husband just called me. He had to go get a physical and had to get a few shots. They tested his hearing and he is nearly deaf in his left ear. I guess that lets him off the hook when says "HUH?" all the time and says he can't hear me. Being nearly deaf in one ear can make him non deployable though, so maybe something good will come out of him becoming deaf in one ear. Poor hubby.

Well I got to go. I have got to go load the dishwasher and start a load of clothes. What fun huh? I hope everyone has a great day!


L.K. Campbell said...

I'm so sorry you're hurting. I think a toothache can make you hurt all over. Get well soon.

aprildcoy said...

Lots to comment on about this one post. I have needed to get my wisdom teeth removed since I was breastfeeding Nathan. That's been about 6 years ago. I was waiting for us to go back overseas so it would all be paid for, but now I'm going to do it as soon as Brandin gets back. About people asking if there is a yard sale; been through something similar. We went to sale our stuff at a flea market at the border and people bombarded our truck before we could even unload it! We got rid of everything! Sorry to hear about Chuck's hearing (or lack of), but I'm hoping my husband could become non-deployable in a good way too!

Anonymous said...

You need to get to the dentist ASAP! I mean it! Love, Mama

Angie said...

You need to be calling a dentist and get them things cut out!

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