Oct 17, 2008

It's Friday!

pics 017

Well Good Morning World! How's it going? Me and the boys are just hanging out in my room this morning. As you can see from the picture on the right, they are actually getting alone for a moment, while watching T.V. I never knew how much two boys could get into trouble until recently. They are constantly hurting each other and fighting. They tore the door off the entertainment center you see the T.V. sitting on yesterday. Chuck was non to happy about that, as he loved the ugly thing to death. Me on the other hand, I hate that entertainment center. lol pics 019So you won't find me upset about it. Wednesday we went to Wal-Mart and bought a computer desk. It was cheap and I liked it. So yesterday morning I put the thing together. Only took me about an hour and a half and of course the boys had to help. Yea that was fun! But I think it turned out great. Now I have somewhere for my laptop and homework folders and the printer as well. So far the boys haven't really messed with it. I keep waiting for them to pull all my folders down and tear all the pages out. lol Hopefully they won't.

Last night I dreamed about a white snake.  How freaky is that? I hate snakes, so albino_snake_3to actually dream about one was just bad. I wanted to see if my dream had any meaning at all, so I went to Sleeps.com. Here is what they had to say about a snake in your dream: "A snake, being the ages old symbol of evil or Satan, makes it a bad omen to have one show up in a dream. To see a lone snake and feel threatened by it shows that you have a bad enemy that is even then working against you, it also a warning against bodily harm from an enemy." Ugh! I hate snakes!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a little worried about the boys fighting each other like that..please don't let them get hurt. Love your new computer desk. I know you are hard at studying these days. Time is already going by so fast. You'll be finished before you know it! Hang in there! Love all the pictures! Love,

Anonymous said...

OOhhhh, I just noticed your note that Cassie gets to go to the Zoo! How cool is that?!!!! I think that's awesome!

Angie said...

I hate snakes too, that is right on the top of my list of things I hate/scared to death of. Good going putting the computer desk together without Chuck helping!

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