Jun 9, 2008

"Machines Machines!"

Yesterday I went into the bathroom after taking a shower and of course CJ follows me everywhere. Well we start hearing loud trucks and CJ starts yelling "Machines Machines!" Yea somebody has been watching their Mighty Machines movie to much. lol So anyway we go to the laundry room and open the window and CJ was so excited to see the Machines!






The last picture CJ took. ;)

They are out there again today and its REALLY LOUD! Kristopher takes a nap at that end of the house, I'll have to wait till they break for lunch to lay him down today. Great huh?!?! lol

Today's Comic:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These pictures are so cute! I know CJ had a ball watching all this going on! He took a great picture too...he will be a good photographer just like his mother!

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