Jun 10, 2008

CJ's Big Boy Haircut



How did I do? He should be much cooler now since its starting to get hot. I wish I could shave my head! lol


Anonymous said...

OMG! He does not look like CJ! He looks so much older now! He is so adorable! What did he say about it? And yes girl, it will be much cooler for him. It's supposed to reach 103 here today, but then hopefully a little cooler days coming...in the 90's! Please give him a big kiss from his NANA!
Love you,

LittleHenrys3 said...

It's about time you gave that boy and real haircut! Now he's a real man! LOL Just teasing, you'll love the fact that it's easy to care for now. How did Chuck do with it?

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