Apr 15, 2008

I'm in trouble

Well our phone bill was way to high this month. The euro rate doesn't help much though I must say in my defense. Guess I have to lay off the phone for awhile.

We are taking a vacation next weekend. We are going to some racetrack and then onto the Black Forest. I'm excited. Chuck went and rented a van for the weekend. I'm curious to see what kind of crazy German van we will be riding in. Should be interesting I'm sure.

Tomorrow night is our Brownie Girl Scout meeting. Then this weekend our whole Brownie troop and their families are all going to Sternenland. That should be a ton of fun. I'll take plenty of pictures.

Well not to much going on really. OH Chuck's CID packet finally got approved by the last person. So now he just has to wait for a school date. The "hurry up and wait" begins. Joy!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So glad you guys are getting to do some traveling finally! Hope you have tons of fun! You better take lots and lots of pictures...especially of my babies! Love you honey,

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