Apr 17, 2008

Frustrated with Girl Scouts

Now that I'm doing Brownie's I'm finding out how different 3rd graders are and how much girls start to change at that age. They have attitude, bore easily with my simple crafts, don't like their picture taken, complain, don't listen, and I could go on and on. I don't know what else to do. I can't do crafts that are to difficult, I have 1st graders as well. My troop is so big its hard to play games with such a large group. I have to ask them over and over again to sit or come to circle. What am I doing wrong? I'm to nice I guess. I feel like the older ones just run all over me. The younger ones can't wait their turn. I don't know how teachers do it. 20 kids to 1 teacher is just insane. I can barely handle 12-16 kids by myself. I think when I get back to the states I'm taking a backseat to Girl Scouts. I'll volunteer or something but that's about it. I miss doing Daisies. Now they were easy and simple and fun.

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Jamie said...

I must admit that our troop leader has the same problem.. Maybe you could break the troop up into two groups when doing crafts and games. Make Jen help you. That way everything is age appropriate. I wouldn't be able to handle our girls if I was Co Leading again. I told Cindy that I would be the drill Sgt coming in and she wouldn't like it. She laughed thinking I was joking. But I wasn't. Courtney even complains that the girls are bad and she can't have fun.
Good Luck though!

Anonymous said...

Oh honey. I see what you mean. I agree with Jamie though. You have to break them up and have lots of help. It's crazy trying to do something like this alone. Those pictures are so adorable. Definitely girls with ATTITUDE! LOL You are great at what you do too, don't doubt yourself. I'm so proud of you!
Love you,

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