Mar 26, 2008

I wanted to share this adorable picture of my cousin Aaron

aarons first easter 1 

Happy 1st Easter Little Guy!

Last night Kristopher started running a fever. I don't know if he is teething or what. We gave him some Tylenol and once the fever started to break we put him to bed. He has a fever again this morning and he isn't eating much, but at least he is drinking something.

CJ slept until 9am this morning which is very unlike him. I checked on him like 5 times this morning and he was still knocked out. Once he finally woke up he threw up a little and since then has tried to throw up but can't. He is so pale looking. He is drinking a little bit though. I gave him some Tylenol but he just threw it back up. My poor babies!!! :(

Well I better run. I gotta give my babies lots of TLC.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry the babies arent doing well. I hope that they get better soon!


Anonymous said...

I don't like my babies being sick! Get them well fast! Aaron is so cute!!!!!! He's growing so fast! He is really such a sweet baby. Angie is so blessed! If those boys don't get to feeling better, can you take them to the clinic? You sure don't want the girls to catch it (or you and Chuck)! Love you,

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