Mar 25, 2008

Easter Sunday Pictures

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday!!

We cooked all kinds of food. We had Ham, Pasta Salad, Green Bean Cassarole, Corn on the Cob, Deviled Eggs, Broccolli & Cheese, and Biscuts.

Chuck invited a guy from work over for lunch, since he is a single soldier and had no one to spend the holidays with.

Here are some pictures from morning. I have no clue how come I didn't get any of the girls. They were in the livingroom at the time and I could of swore I took their picture. So I'm kinda upset I didn't get not one of them. :( *cries*

Here is their Easter Basket though:

Here is CJ waiting patiently for Daddy to open his basket:

And here is Kristopher after the Easter Egg Hunt in the house:

Here are some pictures from a few days ago....I don't think I shared them yet? Not sure...

Chuck was off yesterday. So we took CJ to get his hair cut, but the stupid place was closed!!!! ARG! So I don't know when we will be able to take him again. Chuck may be off Friday, so hopefully we can try again then.

It's been snowing here for days. It snows, melts, snows, melts. I'm enjoying all the snow though and CJ absolutly LOVES walking through it all. No matter where you are he will pull you in the direction of a pile of snow so that he can walk through it. lol We have yet to go sledding. We think someone stole our sled we left in the basement. Figures :( We looked at the PowerZone for another sled and couldnt find any. Figures :(

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Anonymous said...

Okay? I want pictures of the girls now! lol I can't believe those kids didn't bring that sled back...makes me mad! You keep a look-out for them and get that thing back! I'm being bossy this morning, hey! Love the pictures you posted honey! How did the girls get along with sharing that big basket? Looks like they all got alot to play with! We missed ya'll for Easter.

LittleHenrys3 said...

Happy belated Easter-hope you had fun!

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