Feb 9, 2008

WOW It's Late!

It's like 10:50pm as I type. Hubby had to go to work tonight. So much for me getting to sleep in tomorrow.

We got alot accomplished today. We cleaned up the playroom, boxed up old toys. Seperated the girls toys from the boys toys. So now the girls have all their toys in their room. Tomorrow i'm hoping to hit CJ's room.

Today while Lilly and CJ were chasing each other, the girls figured it would be fun to run with them. Well our livingroom isn't so big ya know, so it was bound for someone to get hurt. Cassie and Kailey bumped heads...more like nose to head.

We called my mom tonight. The girls really enjoyed talking to her. Even CJ got on the phone for a bit. I loved it when he said "BYE" at the end and handed me the phone. He is talking so well lately.

Kristopher, my little sweet heart, he is doll baby. I got this cute siggy made of him:

Isn't that the cutest thing you ever did see???


Laura ~Peach~ said...

adorable! get your bats ready he's gonna have the little girls flocking after those blues and dimples~
Grins Laura

Anonymous said...

Kristopher really is showing off those blue eyes and that wonderful smile. I hope it won't be long before all of you are home again. Much love, Grannie

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