Feb 7, 2008

Thursday Evening

Cassie came home around 11am this morning with a tummy ache. About an hour later she was bounceing off the walls. What a short Tummy ache that was!

CJ was jumping around and fell face first into the floor. His poor little nose. It even bled a little bit. As I held him and rocked him he eventually fell asleep. His first nap all week!

Kristopher is cutting teeth left and right. He is getting in all his back teeth at one time. Top Bottom Left Right, I mean all of them! Poor Kid!

Hubby was suppose to get his interview done today for his school packet and once again it got pushed back. Now its suppose to be tomorrow. Ugh!

Well gotta go...


Mama said...

Sounds like an almost bad day for you, but everyday is a blessing so we can't complain too much, lol. I love you my sweet girl. Hang in there...there will be better days....soon I hope! Those babies are growing up so fast! So sorry about CJ's fall...Ouch! Give him a kiss from Nana! Oh, and Chuck For President! lol
Love you,

Jamie said...

Sounds like a ruff day! Is it Friday yet?

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