Oct 25, 2007

What's Up?

Last night was our 2nd meeting of Girl Scouts. I didn't get not one picture either. UGH! I totally forgot to pull the camera out. But it was an AWESOME meeting and turned out GREAT!!! Chuck had the boys here at home, so I didn't have to worry about where they were or what are they getting into. All I had to do was focus on the girls and enjoy the meeting. It went so smoothly. I hope they all continue to be that way. Still sucks though I didn't get any pictures *pouts*

Tonight is our Leaders meeting but I don't believe I'm going to go. Friday night is the Girl Scout Sleepover at the Smith Elementry school. We are suppose to be there at 5pm and its over the next day at 9am on Saturday. I ordered sleeping bags online but of course they are not here yet. So if they don't get here by tomorrow me and the girls are just taking blankets I guess. I'll probably get there late of course because we can't go until Chuck gets home from work. It should be alot of fun though. They are ordering Pizza, there is going to be a huge bouncy castle, they are making a friendship bracelet and alot of other things are planned. I'll be sure to take the camera so I can get a TON of pictures!!! Almost my whole troop will be there so I'm sure its going to be wild. Wish me luck!

Cassie got in trouble again yesterday at school for playing in the bathroom. This time she turned the lights out on everybody. So I told her one more time and no TV for a week. I'm sure it will happen again today, she will play or something in the bathroom and then I'll have the joy of making sure she doesn't watch TV for 5 days. Being a mom is NO JOKE! So say a prayer for Cassie and Me! lol

Well I gotta run, I think the boys are up from nap so I gotta bring them in here and The Young and Restless comes on in about 30 minutes. I'll update probably Saturday or Sunday with a ton of pictures from the sleepover. Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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Mama said...

I sure hope you "girls" have a great time tomorrow night! You sure will be tired when you get home Saturday! Thank goodness you caught Chuck at the store for batteries for your camera! Be sure to take lots of pictures! Be patient with Cassie..she must be going through something...talk to her. That teacher should have said something earlier!! Tell her Nana wants her to be good at school too. Love You!

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