Oct 23, 2007

Cassie Dancing (VIDEO)

This is the cutest thing ever. Cassie is a huge dancer. She has to dance as soon as she hears any music. Well at the end of the Little Mermaid DVD they play a song and so of course she just had to dance, well I caught it on video!!! lol

My friend Jamie said I should play it at her wedding...LOL!


Mama said...

Kristy, that is the cutest video! It does remind me of you at that age. You used to dance just like that! You are gonna have to show this to Cassie! She will love it! Tell her Nana said that she dances so beautifully! I loved it! And tell her I Love Her So Much!

L.K. Campbell said...

I wish I still had that much energy. Oh, to be that age again!

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