Aug 27, 2007



Mama and Nana said...

CJ's haircut looks really cute in those pictures. Cassie's first day of school...I like her hair too. I sure enjoyed spending time with you, Chuck and my precious grandbabies. They are so adorable. I miss you all so much already. Seeing the pictures puts me right back there again. Give those babies lots of hugs and kisses from us please. Love you so much sweetheart!
Love, Mama

Mama said...

Kristy, The picture of Chuck with both of the boys is really cute. I remember how they just seemed to love sitting in their Daddy's lap while the race was on. It was really great being able to watch Kris crawl and pull up on everything....he'll be walking soon. CJ will have his hands full more ways than one..keeping those cars away from Kris will be a fulltime job. LOL
Love you, Mama

L.K. Campbell said...

I know you're glad to have the girls back home with you. The pictures are beautiful.

Hayley said...

Beautiful pics,, I am so pleased to see the girls back home with you where they belong!!That pic of Chuck with the boys is a treasure.

Did you give the girls their MYTWINN dollies yet?

All my love always

Anonymous said...

Please keep adding helps me so much. Gosh, you just don't know how much I miss all of you. I need to kiss and hug my babies!....wwwwaaaaaaaa
Love you baby,

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