Jul 26, 2007

video of boys 7/26/07

Video is over 6 minutes long! Just the boys playing today having a good ol' time. I plan to add 2 more videos to this post in the next hour or so, so check back! Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy!

Okay here is video number 2.

Okay here is video 3 of Kristopher Crawling like a PRO!


L.K. Campbell said...

Those videos are great. It looks like Kris is already getting in to everything.

Hayley said...

The boys are adorable and they are getting sooo big,, they will be such great friends when Kris gets up on his feet, I cant believe how much Kris has grown already.
Bless them

Anonymous said...

The videos of CJ and Kris are just precious. I have never seen any prettier children and just think I am their great grandmother. I am lucky to have such a wonderful family. Love you, Grannie Campbell

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