Apr 26, 2007

Pics of Kristopher at 5 months old

Please welcome our new addition to the family...Kristopher's little bear, LOL!

We bought this for him at Toys R Us and he loves this thing more than any other toy in the house!

I sleep with him at night and cuddle with him during they day.

Little bear ain't going no where!


Mama said...

AWWWW! I love his new little bear! I can't wait to get my hands on Kris! He has really been through alot already with him breaking out so badly. I pray that God will heal him. He is such a happy baby most of the time. Bless his little heart! We love you Kris!

From Your Nana

Hayley said...

oh man how sweet is he,, i am so glad to see his lovely little face cleared up so good


L.K. Campbell said...

My goodness, he's growing up. In these pictures, he looks just like C.J. Love to you all, Aunt Lucinda.

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