Apr 25, 2007

bowling night w/ girl scouts

My Daisy troop had bowling night Monday, April 23rd.
Here are a few pictures.

Cassie smiling at the camera.

Kailey picking up a heavy bowling ball. haha

Kailey bowling.

Cassie bowling.

They had so much fun!
They both earned a Bowling Patch to add to their Uniforms.


HAYLEY said...

great pics i love bowling they all looked like they had so much fun i bet they were tired out afterwards

Mama said...

These pictures are great! So good to see them having so much fun! They both look so beautiful to me! Thanks so much for sharing these pics with all of us!
Sending tons of love to you and the whole family! Love you bunches and bunches!

L.K. Campbell said...

I know they had a good time. It's wonderful that you have such nice facilities over there.

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