Dec 21, 2006

Homeschooling News and Pictures

The Payne family is now a Homeschooling family. Today was our first day homeschooling and it went great! Kailey kept calling me teacher, the girls actually raised their hands, and overall it just went very well. Once Christmas Break is over the girls will still get to go to school for specials (art, P.E. and music class). And we decided to visit the Library 3 times a week. Oh and of course Kailey will still go to PSCD class 3 times a week like she does now for 2 hours. So lots going on around here! Busy Busy Busy!!!

So for the pictures, what most of ya'll love the most!

This is a picture of Cassie with her Teacher Ms. McBain before she left last week. She went back to the states to finish college to become a teacher.
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Cassie was so sad that she left. But we did buy her a gift and Cassie was all excited about doing that. Ms. McBain gave us her home address back in the states so I plan to make Cassie write her often.

Kailey had a Christmas program yesterday in PSCD class. She was so cute and did such an awesome job!
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Hope you enjoy!!!

Santa pictures are coming soon......

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Mama said...

The pictures are precious! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We love you all so much!

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