Dec 9, 2006

Here you go! Pics of the kids!

Well how many times has everybody asked me for pictures of all the kids and one of CJ with Kriopsther side by side??? A million and one times! LOL! So I finally took the time to do so. Sorry it took me so long. But they turned out really good. Worth the wait for sure! I hope you enjoy!

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And as an extra bonus, one of me and Kristopher! LOL!

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Hayley (F4L) said...

Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful they are all great pictures I love the one with all four of them and wow how big does CJ look I bet he will end up being the best big brother ever to little Kristopher a very nice picture of yourself with Kris but tell me Kristy how the heck do you look so well lol I remember my lot being that small and I looked rough Ha Ha
Love to the whole Payne family from Hayley (F4L)

Angie said...

Yes you are right it took you forever, but Kristy omg it was well well worth the wait. CJ looks so grown and proud to be sitting beside his new lil brother. Cassie looks so happy to be holding Kris and very proudly, you can tell by the big smile that she has. I miss you and the kids so much, I wish you were back in NC! Love ya keep the pictures coming, dont let it take forever the next time.

Mama said...

Kristy, you are so beautiful honey. Thanks so much for taking these pictures. They mean the world to all of us! Kiss those babies for me and tell them we all love them so much! Sorry they were giving you a hard time Saturday. Hopefully you got some rest! Wish I was there to help you. Sending lots of prayers up for you. Love you, Mama

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