Aug 27, 2006

Cassie's First Day of 1st Grade!

Today is Cassie's first day of 1st Grade!
She was very excited!!!

Here are some pictures:
Cassie at home ready to go:

Our walk up the hill to the school:

We stoped at the side gate near the basketball court to take a picture:

Cassie waiting in line for the principal to come talk about their first day:

On Me, CJ's, and Kailey's walk back we decided to take a picture of the beautiful Baumholder Church we see on our way back down the hill:

Today is only half a day. They get out at 11am.

Kailey's PSCD Teacher is coming over to our apartment this morning at 10am to do a home visit before her classes start. So I better go straighten up the livingroom.


Mama said...

Tell Cassie to have a wonderful week at school and that we are so proud of her! Give all my babies a big kiss and hug from me. I miss you all so much! Thanks for all you did to make our visit so nice! It's a time I'll never forget! Thank you honey!
Love you so much!

Lucinda said...

I love those braids. How very Cindy Brady of her! Both of the girls are as cute as they can be.

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