Aug 22, 2006

Animal Park

Tuesday early morning we got up and went to the near by Animal Park. It was alot of fun. Most animals are not in cages and just walk around. Some will even let you pet them.

Here are a few pictures:

Kailey and Cassie getting some feed for the ducks:

Chuck and CJ:

CJ checking out all the ducks walking around:

CJ looking at them like they are crazy LOL:

The cutest little bunny I've ever seen:

Kailey tried forever to pet a pig, finally towards the end she finally did:

Cassie, Me, and Kailey:

Me giving Cassie and Kailey some chips to feed the pigs:

Cassie, Me, and Kailey in front of the goat cage:


Lucinda said...

Thank you for posting the pictures. I've been waiting to see some.
I'm glad the girls are back with you and Chuck.

Mama said...

That was a really neat Nature Park. So relaxing watching all the animals roaming around us. The countryside so beautiful all around. Certainly a different world! Sure miss all that clean, fresh air! It is so hot and humid don't even want to go outside! Take full advantage of your area girl! Love, Mama

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