May 17, 2006

In the middle of moving!

We don't have the internet upstairs anymore or a phone. It was all moved downstairs into the 4 bedroom apartment Monday. But the people that used to live here gave us a key to use until the final inspection is done, so we could at least have a phone to use. We are hoping that they are going to do the inspection tomorrow so we can go ahead and start moving in. So we will be on and off the laptop the next few days. We have the cordless phone upstairs in case anyone needs to call. If we don't answer just leave a message and I'll call you back ASAP! I'll check my email again tomorrow. No where to sit in here, so I'm going to go. I'm tired of standing. haha. Hopefully we can start moving our stuff downstairs tomorrow, I can't wait to move in and have more room! Well gonna go now, talk to ya'll later. Byes!


Mama said...

Girl, when are ya going to let me know something about the tickets! We are going crazy here! Well, call or email when you can!
Love, Mama

Lucinda said...

Good luck with the move. I hope you get everything hooked back up soon. I know it's a pain.

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