May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Dear Mom,
I don't know if you got your card in time. I sure hope you did. If not, It will be there soon enough. I hope you have a great day!

I got roses for Mother's Day from hubby! He worked all night and caught me and the kids still in bed when he got home this morning. He kissed me and woke me up, then handed me the roses. Aww I have no clue where he found roses on this awful military post early this time of morning.
Also I got a drawing from Cassie and a card from the kids!


Mama said...

Kristy, Thank you so much for posting a Mother's Day greeting to me! It is beautiful...just like you! Your roses and cards are adorable! Hope you had a very nice Mother's Day too! I LOVED my phone call this morning! Getting to talk to you and my babies was sooo special! I love you so much baby! Take good care of yourself! Love, Mama

aprildcoy said...

Happy Mother's Day, Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthdays (You and Chuck)!!! The month of May is for you like the month of June is for me - Father's Day, my birthday, and our anniversary! How cool is that?

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