Jan 24, 2012

Kidz Turn

This week at church is a great program for the kids and adults, for ages 0 and up! It's called Kidz Turn and is such great fun for the whole family! We are having a blast every night!

Who is Kidzturn?

Kidzturn is a children's ministry geared at presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is up to date with a changing kid-culture.

Kidzturn is an 11 member team lead by Pastor Carl Lussier, who is ordained with the Assemblies of God. Our ministry is not limited to denominational walls, and will minister in any size church that preaches the essential truth of John 3:16.

If you attend a church that is looking for something new and fun to do, you should contact these wonderful people! You won't be disappointed thats for sure!

Kidz Turn Website

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