Jan 5, 2009

Appointment drama

Cassie had an appointment this morning at 9:20am at the Clinic (I thought). We arrive and go to check in and the lady informs me the appointment was at the hospital and not the clinic. The hospital? What hospital takes appointments for a medicine refill? UGH! Well I have never been to the hospital and had no clue how to get there. So I had to call my mom back home to get her to check on the Internet for an address. (Thank you MAMA!) So I finally get to the hospital and get someone on the phone about my screwed up appointment and the lady informs me that I was put down as a "no show" and the lady at the clinic that checked me in should have called the hospital to let them know I had gone to the wrong place. Keyword "should have", that crazy lady at the clinic was no help at all. She wouldn't give me the address to the hospital and all she told me was I was at the wrong place and that I needed to go to the hospital for the appointment. No help at all! But thank goodness the lady at the hospital was very kind and understanding and made my daughter Cassie another appointment for tomorrow at 1pm. At the hospital! Yes, I know where it is now! I even saved the address on my GPS. So wish us luck we get to the "right" place tomorrow on time.


Anonymous said...

Bless your heart honey. I know it was so frustrating. I sure hope your day goes smoother today. I especially pray that you and Kris are feeling much better too. I'm assuming that CJ is alot better now. Have a wonderful day sweetheart.
Love you,

Jane In The Jungle said...

Oh girl that is so frustrating! Especially when it has to do with the kids!

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