Nov 2, 2008

Peter Piper Pizza

IMG_0639IMG_0640IMG_0642IMG_0650IMG_0643IMG_0647IMG_0649IMG_0648 IMG_0645IMG_0646

After eating we had lots of fun playing at the arcade and at the playground!


Rick said...

Good to hear from you again Kristy. Are you guys still in Germany?

I check out your blog - it's strange the right column shows up a long ways down when open it, and I used two different web browsers when I opened.

Generally I prefer to have the illustration more visible when I put it on may list of web pages using my art.

When you open your blog, does the illustration appear closer to the top?

Anonymous said...

I'm so tickled that you guys found a nice church to go to. I hope that you all get alot out of it. These pictures are great! Looks like you all had a really good time!

Rick said...

That worked Pajama Mama!

I'll give you a listing.

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