Nov 7, 2008

It's COLD!

Thank goodness I called the plumber yesterday and they are going to come turn our heater on! I know weird, plumbers turn the heater on??? Beats the heck out of me! All I care about is they are going to turn the heat on TODAY between 1-3pm. I can't wait, it's so cold! Me and the boys are all huddled up on my bed this morning under covers watching cartoons.

Yesterday we got a letter from our new church. Enclosed was a $5 Wal-Mart gas card! How kewl is that?!?! I'm beginning to like our new church more and more. I am even looking forward to going this Sunday. Unfortunately it might just be me and the girls going, because the boys are still not feeling well and I don't want them to go to church and get other kids sick.

Well I have to go wash dishes and get some laundry done. Have a great day everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope you got that heat cut on today! Hopefully you and the boys are feeling better today. I sure don't like it when ya'll are sick! Thank you so much for taking care of that email for Buddy. It sure helped us out alot! Finally got the internet up here at this campground! Figured it out at 10:30 pm tonight! Sounds like that church is gonna be great for you! So happy about that! Love you, Mama

Anonymous said...

Gosh, I see you got your heat on and that Chloe is gonna get fixed! Wow! You will have to keep her quiet for a few days honey and keep the kids away from her, but make sure she gets plenty to drink and relax alot. Love, Mama

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