Jul 1, 2008

Pictures of us bored people

Chuck spent most of yesterday evening cleaning the apartment up real good so it would pass inspection today (which it did) so we spent most of the evening waiting on dad to get home.

tuesday 001 tuesday 002

Kris making his goofy face:

tuesday 003

Is dad home yet? They looked out the window for a good hour.

tuesday 004 tuesday 005

Everybody making goofy faces:

tuesday 006

Good Morning Everyone! CJ woke Cassie and Kailey up by jumping in the bed with them.

tuesday 007

Kristopher wasn't ready to greet the day just yet.

tuesday 008

Daddy came home for a few minutes, a little bit before 2pm, and got a cuddle in. He promised to be home by 5pm tonight! yay!

tuesday 009


Anonymous said...

These pictures are adorable. Sounds like you guys did a great job cleaning up the apartment! I know you both are probably tired. So glad the hotel room is working out for you. You need to take the kids outside to play some though to burn off extra energy so they won't climb the walls, lol. Only a few more and you'll be home! Thank God! Love you all so much!

Anonymous said...

Aw the memories! I remember our time in the hotel. How fun! Are you getting nervous about flying? Ill call soon.


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