Jun 8, 2008

NASCAR cars are great for learning numbers!

As most of you know CJ is a huge car lover. Well I am just amazed at how much his little NASCAR cars are teaching him. He can count to Ten and sometimes to 20. He can even point to a number and tell you what it is. And I truly think its because of his little NASCAR cars. For instance he just came running over here to show me a car and said "5 car". Sure enough, it was the number 5 on there. Then he brings me another and says "88 car". Again he was right. I mean, come on, 88 is a big number! lol I'm so proud of him. I hope Kristopher is able to learn his numbers so quickly as well with the help of NASCAR cars.

Also, did you know that a dinning room table makes a great race track?
Photo courtesy of CJ, he loves taking pictures! lol

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Anonymous said...

How cool is that, I have that same table scene at my house except it is on the couch. I never thought of the numbers... gotta try it.

Anonymous said...

CJ took this picture too! He is doing a great job taking pictures and learning his numbers! You GO CJ! He's such a smart child! And so Purdy! I can't wait to play with him and all my babies! It won't be long now! I'm so happy!
Love you sooooo much!

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