Jun 17, 2008

It's Tuesday! Goodbye Blazer!

Chuck is taking the Blazer to Transportation today! We won't see it again until the end of July. Then I get to trade it in for my NEW Dodge Caravan! Can you say sliding doors and DVD entertainment?!?!

Chuck for some reason wanted a new camera. Happy Father's Day Chuck! I mean the man doesn't even use my camera, but he wanted one? Anyway, its really nice and takes great pictures. Here is Kailey and CJ from Sunday:




I forgot to post Sunday and wish all those great Father's out there a Great Father's Day! But I hope everyone had a good one! For Chuck's Father's Day we went out to eat, to the grocery store, and bought his new Camera. Was a good day! :)

Next I want give a huge shout out to my wonderful Mother! She is going to do me the best favor ever! She is going to go pick up my precious, adorable, little puppy on June 28th! Thanks Mom! Here is the most recent picture I have of Chloe:


I mean isn't she just adorable? You can't get much cutter than that! You can see more pictures here: http://CavalierChloe.blogspot.com .

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Anonymous said...

My oh my, do I have beautiful grandchildren or what??? Chuck's new camera takes wonderful pictures, but he has such great subjects! Your new puppy is so adorable...I don't mind a bit helping you out! We will enjoy her too while she is visiting. You'll have to start training her all over again when ya'll leave..lol. It's gonna be fun though!
Love you,

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