Jun 24, 2008

Happy Tuesday!

Good Morning World! This morning the girls from upstairs came down and asked if Cassie and Kailey were going to summer school and if they wanted to walk with them. Well we were told they could not attend summer school because we would only be here for half of it. To my surprise they reply, well we will only be here for a week and we are going! What? So I call the school to ask why is it the kids that live above us can go for a week, but mine can't go for 3 weeks! She says "Oh well we didn't know they were only coming for a week!" OOPS! I hope I didn't get them in trouble, but I just wanted to know what was up! Guess I should of kept my mouth closed about us leaving in 3 weeks and maybe they would of been able to go too, huh? BUT that's not the honest way to go I suppose.

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Anonymous said...

Honesty is always best honey! Wish they could have gone though...it would have fun for them! Oh well...things work out for a reason I believe! Have fun packing and cleaning up girl! I'm doing a ton of stuff at my house too and working full-time...I sure have been sleeping good though from being so tired at bedtime! Love you,

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