Jun 5, 2008

Cassie cut her hair!

OMG! I don't know how I didn't notice it until this morning. She said she did it yesterday. But she cut a small area at the front top of her head. She will now have some funky bangs coming in soon. UGH kids! What I don't understand is how her teacher or somebody didn't see her trying to do this??!! I tell ya, I'm not to happy with Cassie right now...
P.S. I've got a dentist appointment today at 12:30pm. Wish me luck! It's just a cleaning, but still! lol
Today's Comic:

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Anonymous said...

Oh Cassie! I guess every child has to go through that at some point, LOL. She sure is gonna regret it though when that part starts growing back out. Sorry! Hope the feeling comes back in your mouth soon! That comic is so cute today!
Love you,

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