Apr 10, 2008


Well CJ's room has been a storage room since we have lived here and Kristopher's room was the playroom. Well this morning I moved all of the boxes in CJ's room into the playroom and all the toys and Kristopher's bed into CJ's room. OMG let me tell you, they have a TON of room in CJ's room now! I never realized just how big CJ's room was until today when we got all those boxes and crap out of there. Here is some pictures:



CJ's room is bigger than our dinning room and kitchen put together I believe! I wish we would have done his room like this a long time ago. Just look at all that floor space! Now how its going to go with the boys sleeping in the same room tonight is going to be interesting. Hopefully it will go well. They both fall asleep pretty quickly and easily. I got them boys trained! lol

Here are a few pictures of my little man. CJ fell asleep last night around 6:15pm while eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and watching Daddy play his racecar game.

1  2

He is so peaceful when he sleeps.


Anonymous said...

I think the room looks great! I'm so happy that you've decided to put the boys in the same room. I think they will enjoy that! Love all the pictures!
Love you,

LittleHenrys3 said...

I told you to clean that room before now woman! When are you going to listen to me?

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