Apr 24, 2008

Brownie Meeting Last Night


Cassie making a bag puppet.


The whole gang last night. We only had 8 girls show up. They all have bunnies they earned for selling Girl Scout Cookies.


Kailey watching the puppet show and laughing. lol


Lilly our Troop Mascot is on the left. They were having a puppet show for us. They all earned a Puppet Try-It last night. :) We had a blast!


Anonymous said...

Oh these pics are soooo cute! I'm so glad you all had such a great time! Tell Cassie & Kailey that Nana said "Hello" and that "I love them very much"! Tell them that their bunnies are so cute and that I'm so proud of them for selling girl scout cookies! Love you,

LittleHenrys3 said...

How fun! Were the bunny's from you or the GS's? Is Teresa still coming to your meetings?

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