Feb 5, 2008

Morning Adventure to the Clinic

This morning Cassie had her check up appointment and to get her medicine refilled. Poor CJ thought we were there for him and would freak out anytime a doctor or nurse came in. That poor child has been traumatized by these crazy doctors over here.

Chuck took Kristopher to get his shots while I was in with the doctor. He said he only cried for a second and then was fine. He's my little trooper.

After Cassie's appointment we walked over to get Cassie her shot. What was it? Hep A or something? I dunno. But boy CJ must of remembered the room because he started crying thinking he was going to get a shot.

I thought about getting my German measles (rubella) shot while I was there. Since they keep telling me mine must not of worked when I was little. But I chickened out. I guess I'll get it when we take Kailey to get her Hep A shot in a couple of days.

Oh I must mention that CJ has now outgrown nap time. Which stinks! He hasn't taken a nap now in a few days. Its so sad how fast they grow up. Now during nap time I won't get my quiet time anymore :(

Before I go, I wanted to THANK EVERYONE who stopped by and left me a comment reguarding Cassie taking her medicine. I'll try all your ideas. Hopefully in a few weeks we can figure out something to where she can do it by herself and I can stop pushing them down her throat.

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Mama said...

I sure don't miss those days...taking kids to get shots is NOT fun! You do need to go ahead and get your shot though Ms Chicken, lol.

spicedchailatte said...

I've read any comments on how to get your 7y/o to swallow a pill, but I got my son to take his own concerta by placing it in a teaspoon of peanutbutter, but applesauce or yogurt would work, also, which is also what I do to administer medication to the children I work with. My son was excited when he found how easy it was to swallow the pill w/out the PB, all I had to do was tell him to place the pill on his tongue and take a drink of water, ignoring the pill and just swallow as normal... Hope this helps!

IntelligentLayPerson said...

I haven't read the suggestions people have sent in so this could be useless but well intended advice.

One of our children had epilepsy and we had to do the pill thing very early on.

The pills were close to the size and shape of a tic tac candy and had that smooth outside.

So we had her practice with tic tacs and bought her several boxes of her own. I mean you have to eat a lot of tictacs to get sick and it's hard to have too many. haha

Anyway she got to be a pro at it. We also made the biggest fuss of it. Sometimes she'd forget her pills and I would have to run up to her school to get them to her and the teacher would say "come back to the class and give those to her."

She was very proud because all her first grade classmates were in awe of her ability to swallow a pill.

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