Feb 1, 2008

Its Friday!

Here is Lilly last night. Passed out in the recliner with me. I was playing on the laptop while the girls were playing with her on the floor. Then they wanted to finish watching their movie so they brought her to me. She passed right on out. lol So cute!

Cassie later on wanted to draw a picture of me. I had to be really really still she said. I kept laughing and she didn't think it was funny. LOL! Kids! Anyways, isn't it beautiful? I think it looks just like me, what do you think?

This morning we woke up to even more snow than what we had yesterday. I took some pictures to share with everyone. I must say though, please excuse the smudgie glass windows. I clean them and the kids smear them up again...

1 comment:

Mama said...

Cassie is definitely gonna take after you...what an artist! She did a great job...tell her Nana saw it and loves it! That puppy has made himself right at home...so cute! Love, Love, Love the snow pictures! I know the kids have got to be so excited. Say a prayer for Julie, she is not feeling too well today and is on her way to work...I pray she gets over this nausea soon. Have a great Friday! Love you,

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