Feb 15, 2008

I wanna be like Daddy

CJ loves watching Daddy and wants to do everything he does and wants to be just like him. Daddy got a Phone Call on his Work Cell Phone tonight, so what does CJ do? He runs and gets his Lightning McQueen Cell Phone. Climbs up in the recliner with Daddy and calls somebody. lol


Anonymous said...

CJ could be a model! He is so purdy! That is about the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Maggie(friends4life) said...

Its a wonder how amazing kids are. My nephew Nicholas loves to copy us as well and he is just about cj's age!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

how sweet is that! what a cute pic of Cj being like daddy!
have a great weekend!
hugs Laura

Robin Krieger said...

Kristy, you won my pin on the one world,one heart contest. please email me me so I can send it to you . petalpainter2005@msn.com. go to my blog and check it out . dreamsofblueacadia.blogspot.com I will be waiting to hear from you . thanks
Robin Krieger

Anonymous said...

Congrats on winning that contest! And looks where it's from....near my favorite place on earth...Chesapeake!

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