Feb 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Mama!

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Anonymous said...

Thank You for posting my birthday...that was so sweet! I had a really great day! The girls at the office took me out to eat and we had a great time! Buddy, Shannon and Grannie are taking me out again this weekend...so much for my diet! LOL I really loved the e-cards you and Chuck and the kids all sent to me...They were so precious! Thank you sooo much honey. Love you so much, Mama

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog. Especially the HELLO WORLD part and the precious pink pjs. I did want to tell you that before I go to bed at night I check your blog and see what the temperature is over there compared to ours. I miss that part. Can you possibly put it back up? Love you all, Grannie

Kristy said...

Gotcha Covered Grannie ;)
I put the Time and Temp ticker back up for you. :)
I'm glad you like my new blog!
Love you!

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