Feb 13, 2008


Chuck my hubby FINALLY got his Interview done for his CID School packet!!! His packet will be in the correct hands by the end of this week! Then the waiting to hear back will begin.

CJ FINALLY took his first nap in 2 weeks.

Notice he has his escentuals for going to sleep. His cup, his blanket, and an airplane. He did have his daddy's hat, but it got moved when he turned over. lol

Today's Comic:


Anonymous said...

Those pics of CJ are so cute. Sorry he didn't get to sleep much. He's growing up Mommy! It's so cute how he wants to have all his "stuff" with him. Have a great evening!

L.K. Campbell said...

Awww! Those are so precious. I think you have very pretty children, and I'm not prejudiced at all.

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