Jan 8, 2008

Prayer List

My Prayer List is starting to get long recently. So I'd like to share it with everyone so that you may also say a little prayer and keep them in your thoughts throughout the day.

My Aunt Brenda. Her son, my first cousin, passed away last year and he was her only child. I cannot imagine what it must be like to loose a child. Miss you! Chris' Memorial Page

Danielle. This young lady was in a horriable accident on New Years Eve. She was due with her first child in 2 weeks. He was killed during the crash and was delivered sleeping. Danielle has 15 broken bones and is going through massive reconstruction surgeries. More Info...

My Grannie. She is a wonderful beautiful lady. She lost her husband, my Papa, almost two years ago. You have to be a very strong person to bury your husband, a life long companion. Grannie, I hope one day I will be as strong as you are.

A little boy named Julian. He has cancer and is on oxygen and was only taking 9 breaths a minute last night. I cannot imagine what his mother must be going through. Stay strong little man. We are praying for you!

So if you could take a moment and say a short prayer or whatever you feel comfortable doing for these precious people I would be thankful.


Jamie said...

Kristy you are such a wonderful person! You are always willing to go the extra mile to help someone--love ya babe!

Mama said...

Yes, Kristy, you are a very special and STRONG person...you are stronger than you think. Thank you for telling us about all these people going thru so much...I will be praying for them too! btw, your Papa passed away almost two years now...January 25th will be two years. Time has gone by so fast...seems like yesterday..I miss him so much..I know I will see him again one day! Love you more than you'll ever know.

Anonymous said...

Now, what's this about Kailey losing another tooth? Which one? Is Cassie's top tooth still loose..and how loose? I need details! Hope your Brownie meeting was fun tonight!

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