Nov 6, 2007

Me and the Kids


Mama said...

Kristy, you are so pretty! You sure can't tell you've had 4 kids! You look great! The kids are all so beautiful. You can sorta tell Cassie hasn't been feeling well, but I'm glad she is better and was able to go to school today. Their pictures are precious! Thank you so much for posting those. Hope you all have a great week! With all my love,

L.K. Campbell said...

Great pictures! And all of you look so happy.

Anonymous said...

What precious pictures. I am so proud of all my grandchildren. Tell all of them grannie loves them so very much.

Hayley said...

Lovely pics Kristy the kids are so beautiful and you look pretty fine yourself!! Your hair is getting long again!
Lots of love Hayley xx

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