Nov 13, 2007

Its Tuesday!

Chuck finally took Cassie's "stuff" to the lab at the health clinic today. They said it was good for a week if refridgerated and today was a week. Talk about cutting it close!!! So Mama and Buddy, take a breath, calm down, its at the Lab now, Chucks not so bad.
Cassie had a slight fever yesterday, but said she felt fine this morning. I'm begining to wonder if its something other than acid reflux. But hopefully the lab results will give us something to go off of. I'll keep ya updated like always.

Tonight is "Bowing Night" for my Brownie Troop. I'm really hoping my whole troop is there so I can get a group Troop Photo. I've yet to have them all together at once. I promise to take tons and tons of pictures!

Today is Kristopher 1st Birthday!!!
Can you believe its already been a year? He is such a wonderful baby too! He isn't walking just yet but boy he sure can get from the couch to the coffee table and to the other couch by traveling the furniture. I'm sure he will be walking in no time. He says "Mama" and "Dada" alot. "Mama" the most though. LOL! He feeds himself and eats ALL the time. He has 8 teeth and the cutest dimples. He still sucks that little thumb of his and I just think its the cutest thing in the world. Poor little thumb though. lol. The sad part though is he can't even have cake on his birthday because he is allergic to Milk. I'm making cupcakes to take to the Bowling Alley tonight, I think me and the girls are going to make them after snack today. Maybe I'll get pics of that too. Maybe I'll even let him lick the icing and take a little bite of a cupcake.

Well I better run. My peace and quiet time is over because I can hear the boys up. I better run and get CJ, don't want him jumping out of the crib again.


Mama said...

Happy Birthday Kristopher! He is growing up so fast and is sooooo cute! Chuck is Awesome! I sure hope they find that Cassie is okay. I'm ready for her to get well fast! I wish I could have seen those snowflakes today...I know they were pretty coming down. Hope you didn't get too wet walking to school this afternoon. You be careful! Love all the pictures you've put up! Such beautiful people! Love ya'll, Mama

Hayley said...

A year all ready wow didnt it go fast,Happy Birthday Kristopher

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