Oct 30, 2007

Tuesday Morning

Oh to be lazy! I'm still sitting in my Pajamas! Chuck took the girls to school this morning because he had to be in to work early. So I didn't even have to get dressed. lol

Sad News:
Kristopher is still allergic to milk. I've been giving him alot more milk products only for him to start breaking out again real bad on his legs and neck. UGH! Poor little guy. So i'm back to cutting out all milk again. They say most kids outgrow it by the age of one, but not this little guy, he turns 1 in 2 weeks and he is still breaking out because of it. Alot of the stuff he eats has soy products in it. So if he continues to break out and it doesn't get better, I'll know he is also allergic to soy then i'll just cry. But lets just pray that doesn't happen. *fingers crossed*

Well today is Tuesday, so we get to go to PLAYGROUP after school, the kids will have a blast like always i'm sure.

Kristopher is trying his best to get around in his walker now. Even with the stoppers on he is trying to move it. I haven't been letting him walk in it, just sit in it to watch tv or play with his toys. But he has learned that it moves...ugh! lol

CJ sure has been in a bad mood so far this morning. Screaming when Kristopher even gets close to his toys. I can see in his future lots of time outs today.

Tonight I plan to make Halloween cookies with the girls, pull out all the costumes, and I believe we are going to carve our pumpkins. So lots to do tonight. I'll take tons of pictures I promise!

Well im going to go. Maybe I'll remember to take the camera to playgroup today and get some pictures for you guys. Love you all!

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Mama said...

I'm so sorry Kris is allergic to milk like that...bless his little heart. I'm sure playgroup will be fun as well as tonight getting ready for Halloween! Wish I was there (or you were here), lol. Anyway, I'll be thinking about ya'll. Love you, miss you bunches and bunches.

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