Oct 18, 2007

pics from today


Anonymous said...

Look how big Kris and CJ have got since this summer!! I miss all of you cuz!


Hayley said...

Wow the size of those boys shocks me its like they grow a bit more everytime you take a picture LOL

That last picture of Kristopher I personally think he looks loads like Kailey

Hayley xx

Anonymous said...

I just dropped by to tell you that the picture of Kristopher laying on his own shoulder is the cutest thing I have seen in a long time. How in the world did you get him to do that long enough to get the picture? All of the pictures are perfect. What gorgeous children!Love you all, Grannie

Mama said...

CJ and Kris are gonna be such good friends as brothers! And you say CJ actually took that picture! (with your help of course), but he did such a great job! You go CJ!
Nana loves you all so much and misses you! I need some hugs and kisses from my babies!

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