Mar 17, 2007

Saturday Morning

Here is Daddy and Kristopher hanging out in Daddy's recliner:
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And our New Cat...Yes a New one again...LOL! Well the grey one with the green eyes I posted a picture of a little while back, was kinda mean at times and scratched CJ up really good one day and I just couldn't handle that. So we found her a good home and now we adopted this pretty girl. Her name is Crystal ( i hope to rename her ). She is 6 years old, declawed and fixed. CJ can poke at her and she just lays there. So she loves the kids and doesn't bite or scratch like the kitten did. I think we have found a keeper!!!
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Mama said...

Oh I love these pictures of Chuck with Kristopher. Has Chuck always had that tatoo? I guess I don't remember it? Kris has really grown...he is so happy all the time too! Love your new cat...she is too old to change her name She is really pretty.

Hayley said...

wow those are great pics of Kris and daddy i am loving the recliner lol your cat is sweet too i am glad CJ can poke her without being hurt lol
Hayley xx

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