Nov 9, 2006

Hospital Visit

Well last night I started having really bad contractions that came with some very painful cramping. And with the hospital being a good 30-45 minute drive and knowing I had to drop the kids off with my friend, I figured it would be a good time to go ahead to the hospital before it got to late.

Well it was a very uneventful night.

I'm still almost 4cm, but not quite. I did thin out more during the now I'm 70% effaced. Even tho the contractions were 3-5 minutes apart, I wasn't dilating anymore so they decided to send me home to labor here until my water broke or they were so painful I couldn't stand it or I had the urge to push. Wonderful huh?

They were very busy and needed the bed I was using, so they pretty much kicked me out on my bum. OH well, thats okay, I was missing my babies anyways. They didn't seem to upset I hadn't had the baby yet, they just enjoyed their sleep over at Maisie's house.

So anyways, I'm sitting at home now. Contractions have slowed down alot!!! So I guess its good they sent me home. I'd rather be here than in that stupid hospital anyways. Walking is kinda a challange at times, I feel like he is stuck between my legs. I'll survive tho.

I'll update later...


Hayley (f4l) said...

seems like its not gonna be much longer for you plenty hot baths to ease the pain and if i was you i would try my hardest to keep upright and mobile just to help on the gravity lol i hope you have an easy time with him take care gosh i am so excited for yous

Mama said...

Get as much rest as you can honey! It won't be too much longer now. Just remember that we all LOVE YOU very much! We are praying for you all too honey! Call me when you can!

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