Aug 8, 2006

Quick Update

The weather is cold here in Germany. I left a window open last night and the house was freezing this morning! CJ is still trying to master his walking skills and boy has he hit the "terrible twos" early! Me and baby are doing fine. He or She kicks all the time and loves to keep me up as late as possible as night. I have found comfort in sleeping on the couch when hubby is working his night shifts. Something about the couch is more comfortable then the bed. I haven't been having any weird cravings. I do crave Speggetti and Meatballs for lunch everyday. Which kinda reminds me of when I was little and I'd eat Ravioli everyday for lunch. haha. We went birthday shopping and Christmas shopping this past weekend. Since Cassie was gone for her birthday this summer, we are planning to have the girls a party together while Mama and Shannon are visiting. Doing the Christmas shopping a little early I know, but we are hoping to get it out of the way and not wait till the last minute like we did last year. Chuck started his four day night shift last night, so of course he is sleeping right now. CJ is also taking his mid-day nap. Sooo I'm all alone in the front of the house where its nice and quiet, other than my little puppy Boots playing and growling at his toys in his cage. My friend Beth is leaving next Monday for two whole months to go back to the states to visit with her family. She might not know it, but I'm going to miss her. I called my Mema yesterday and talked with her for a little while. She is planning to come to Germany to visit next year. I'm very excited about that. Well I can't think of anything else to update about. I hope everyone back home is staying cool indoors with the air conditioner. I miss you all very much. I will update again probably next week sometime. Byes!

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Mama said...

Oh I LOVE that picture of Kailey and Cassie! It is adorable! Can't wait to get me lots of hugs and kisses! This time next week I'll be there! Can't wait! We are gonna have so much fun! Love you so much honey!

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