Aug 31, 2006


Somebody posted this on for people born in May. I was very surprised at how much it sounded like me!

Stubborn and hard-hearted. I am very stubborn!
Strong-willed and highly motivated. About certain things I am!
Sharp thoughts. Not sure?
Easily angered. Only when Pregnant! LOL!
Attracts others and loves attention. I love attention from my husband if that counts!
Deep feelings. About certain things I do!
Beautiful physically and mentally. People tell me so!
Firm Standpoint. Again, about certain things!
Needs no motivation. Actually I DO!
Shy towards opposite sex. VERY TRUE! LOL!
Easily consoled. I would have to agree!
Systematic (left brain). Loves to dream. I think thats true as well!
Understanding. I think I am for the most part!
Sickness usually in the ear and neck. Interesting and so true!
Good imagination. Thats for sure!
Good physical. I dunno, I'm lazy!
Weak breathing. I'm not sure?
Loves literature and the arts. This is very true too!
Loves travelling. YES, look where I live!
Dislikebeing at home. OH YES!!! I hate being stuck at home!!!
Restless. Sometimes!
Having many children. HAHA! Four kids does seem like many to me!
Hardworking. I think I am!
High spirited. Yea!

So anyways, just wanted to share. Thought it was interesting. I wonder if other May people are the same way? My husband was born in May, I'll have to ask him. Oh and so was my step-dad Johnny! Oh well, nite everyone! I'm going to bed!!!

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