Aug 3, 2006

CJ's first visit to the German Hospital

My little CJ has a rash all over his body, little red bumps, the doc seems to think it was from an alergic reaction, we just dont know from what...we had to take him to the krankenhous early this morning. Just thought I'd let everyone know. He was running fever alot yesterday and didn't feel well. I thought he was just teething again, guess I was wrong. The doctor gave me two creams to use and told me to give him a bath in baby oil and don't use soap. Never heard of that before but o.k. Hopefully it will go away in a few days. The doctor wants to see him again Monday, but if its gone by then, he doesn't. So guess we will see. Its driving me nuts as to what he is alergic to. I haven't changed soaps or his food or anything. The doc mentioned it could of been something we brought in on our shoes and CJ crawled in our path. But we always take our shoes off at the door, but he is known to crawl by the door too. So I dunno, guess I'll just have to wait and see how he does and if it goes away.


hayhley (f4l) said...

Kristy babe CJ may be having a reaction to the chlorine from his visit to the swimming pool maybe????

Lucinda said...

I hope CJ's rash clears up. I know you can't wait to see your babies again and your Mama, too.

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