May 9, 2006

Bucky Bash Pics

Here is a picture of Shannon with Bucky Covington our Rockingham American Idol at the Bucky Bash this past Saturday.

And here is my beautiful mother with Bucky Covington.

I called my mom while she was at the Bucky Bash on her cell phone. And then she handed the phone to Bucky's brother, Rocky Covington, and I got to speak with him for a minute or two. He sounded just like his brother Bucky. Conversation was something like this:

Rocky: So what are you doing in Germany?
Kristy: My husband is in the military and we were stationed over here for a couple of years.
Rocky: Thats kewl, so do you get to watch the show?
Kristy: Yes, but it comes on a day late. I have to make myself not cheat and look online to see who gets voted off.
Rocky: Yea. Sometimes I'd rather not know what everyone is going to sing that night, but we always find out early.
Kristy: So do they find out before hand who is going to get voted off?
Rocky: No, they find out when everyone else does.
Kristy: Oh, I've always wondered about that.
Rocky: Well I'm going to hand the phone back to your mom. Good talking to you.
Kristy: You too, bye!

I would of much rathered talked to Bucky, but its still kewl I got to talk to Rocky! Thanks mom for handing him the phone!

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aprildcoy said...

I can't believe Bucky is so popular now. Things will never be the same for him. I'm proud of him and I hope that he and Crystal have a great adventurous life together.

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